About Beeloud Comics

Beeloud Comics seeks to make art and tell stories from creators whose brains are wired differently. We publish memoir comics, offer classes for writers, and fund our projects with illustration commissions. 

Our submissions and classes are open to any writer who has ever felt their brain is different in any way. There is never any need or pressure to tell anyone, including our editors, how you feel your brain is different. (Unless you want to talk about it, of course.) We strive to be inclusive, not invasive. If you feel your brain is different, and you want to move forward writing and publishing your comics, we are here for you. You are not alone on this exciting journey, and it is the journey that matters. 

We love the land of ‘mostly true’ and the personal versions of second-third-fourth-fifth hand family histories, the philosophic exploration into ‘who am I? why am I here? why now?’ and the world of fictionalized truth, because meaning is what we make of it.
— Cari, founding editor at Beeloud Comics

Our first on-going creators, Cari and Her Dad, are both neurodivergent. Their work together include Constellations and Buried HeartCari's work also includes Synesthesia in Flowers and Your Favorite Author: A Series.

As a person with a certifiably, verifiably different brain, I am fascinated with how my perception of realty is different, unique. And, how my perception evolves as I learn more about myself. But, that’s the thing: all our realities are different, and change over time. AND THAT IS SO COOL. Put five great writers in a room where something interesting happens, and they’d all write completely different stories to communicate what they saw and felt. HOW IS THAT NOT FASCINATING? The discrete nuances in meaning’s fluctuation dependent on who is running the pen and the words and the images. AWESOME. Anyway, that’s what we do, in a way. We write memoir-ish comics, teach writing memoir-ish comics, and print memoir-ish comics. Starting in the summer of 2016, we are also traveling to cons, libraries and unique groups talking and spreading memoir-ish comics. Just like we’re talking to you, right now.
— Cari on Beeloud Comics and "Different Brains"

If you want to talk to us, for any reason, you can reach us with the contact button below. Please know that it may take us several days, weeks or months to get back to you, depending on the season and how scattered our attentions are at present. Also know, a handful of different people read and respond to all our emails, so if you're wanting to reach someone in particular, please mention that first. Thanks!  

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